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    Legal Productivity App of the Week – Pomodoro Pro – To Focus Your Scattered Mind


      We’re big fans of The Pomodoro Technique at Rocket Matter.

      One of the apps I have on my iPhone is Pomodoro Pro, which allows me to get into my productive groove no matter where I am.

      The Pomodoro Technique is simple: you set a timer for 25 minutes and work on only one task during that time. No email, Facebook, coffee breaks, restroom pitstops, or interruptions. You take a break for 5 minutes and then start up again.

      I present a CLE called “7 Ways to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient”, and the attorneys in the audience always have the most questions about this innovative productivity technique. Out of the seven suggestions, they always seem taken with the tomato.

      Manual timers are my favorite, but when I’m away from the office Pomodoro Pro is the best of the tomato-timer helper apps. It’s a slick little tool on the iPhone that allows you to barrel through our Internet-age induced ADD. And unlike others I’ve tried, it doesn’t wear down your battery quickly.

      You can find out more about The Pomodoro Technique for lawyers in our e-book:

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