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    Legal Productivity App of the Week – Square – Accept Credit Cards for your Law Firm


      Today we start a new series, our Legal Productivity App of the week for all your mobile lovers out there!

      Want to start accepting credit cards for your clients but don’t know how to get started? Try Square. It’s insanely hot, and inspired this whole new series!

      Square includes a free card-reader that plugs into the audio jack of your iPad, iPhone, or Droid. You swipe a card, plug in the charge, snag a signature using your touch screen, and voila: instant payment.

      Instead of paying monthly fees for a merchant account and going through what can be a painful and annoying setup, Square dings you 2.75% per transaction. That’s a premium, but still less than the typical Amex premium retailers put up with.

      Note: Make sure you know your ethics requirements surrounding trust accounting and credit card payment!

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