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    Legal Project Management: Sprinting into the Agile World


      Project Management for the legal vertical is gaining momentum. Alternative Fee Engagements (AFEs) and value billing are one of the drivers: since some matters which used to be billed hourly are now billed as flat fees or recurring payments, lawyers need to closely monitor and measure their progress.

      Having dealt with projects most of my professional career, I’m happy to share my experience with Agile Project Management (with which I’ve had much success) with the legal profession.

      For my friends at Lawyerist, one of the most cutting-edge legal blogs for modern law firms, I recently authored my first post as a regular contributor on this subject. Specifically, I looked at the concept of the iterative “Sprint”:

      Sprints allow teams to leverage incremental improvements. When a company decides to work in two-week Sprints, it has the opportunity to reflect, make adjustments, and plan every fourteen days based on events and conditions.

      The nice thing about Agile Project Management is the prescriptive nature. It serves as a guidebook for how you operate and continually improve your business. Few of us are born with the intrinsic knowledge of how to steer a business, whether a law firm or software company, so a set of rails to follow greatly helps. It’s used by thousands of software companies, large and small, internationally, and is supported by books, consultants, conferences, and training events.

      Read the full article, Project Management the Agile Way. And a big thanks to the folks at Lawyerist for taking me onboard as a regular writer. I’m proud to be part of a next-generation, forward thinking group!

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