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    LegalTech 2010 Part 2: FutureLawyer Signs Up for Rocket Matter on Android, Interview with Designer


      We were excited about the response to Ariel and Larry’s Excellent Adventure at LegalTech 2010 Part 1 (which was actually episode four and occurs after the fall of the old republic).

      In Part 2, FutureLawyer Rick Georges decides to move his practice management into the cloud and chooses Rocket Matter. We show him setting up his account on his Android device. Very cool.

      Ariel Jatib, Rocket Matter Founding Partner, explains his disciplines of User Experience and Information Architecture and how they drive product development.

      We also compare the jumbotrons and pens of LexisNexis and West. See who wins.

      Fellow cloud provider Nextpoint threw a big party, so we checked that out and listened to Rakesh Madhava’s product announcement.

      In Part 3, we’ll see a bit of Mr. Gladwell. Stay tuned!

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