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    A Breath of Fresh Air: The 10 CodeX Stanford Legal Startups at LegalTech


      LegalTech NY rolled around again with its usual E-Discovery heavyweights, software vendors for large firms, and great keynotes.

      New this year, was an aisle dedicated to legal tech startups, the result of a collaboration between ALM and CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics that brings industry-changing legal technology companies and key thought leaders to ALM Events. It was as if Silicone Alley had moved uptown and occupied aisle 1700. And it was exciting, engaging, and energizing.

      I had the privilege of interviewing some of the young legal tech stars who shared their company’s vision along with their experience at LegalTech NY 2015. Here’s a brief overview of the 10 companies and their stories.

      Docket Alarm, Inc – Legal research tool that runs full-text searches across millions of law-suits providing analytics and predictions, and delivers real-time alerts to your inbox or mobile device. Twitter

      Michael Sander, Founder: Docket Alarm predicts litigation outcomes based on the historical record. Our technology looks at thousands of previous cases, and analyzes judicial opinions to find similarities using natural language processing. We then tally up the outcomes from each case to present a comprehensive picture of what a judge or a party will do during litigation. It is a huge boon to have organizations like ALM and CodeX support this small but burgeoning legal startup scene.

      IP Nexus – A global, online services marketplace for intellectual property that matches inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, universities and companies with lawyers, patent attorneys, patent agents and other professionals who can help them protect their inventions and build successful businesses. Twitter

      Dr. Hidero Niioka, CEO: We’re an online marketplace for innovation and intellectual property. We plan on expanding in the United States and Japan. The LegalTech experience has been phenominal. We got exposure to so many different companies. I talked so much I lost my voice. (Yes, he did, but graciously whispered responses to my questions.)

      Lawdingo – Handles the marketing, screening, intake, routing, connection, payment process and follow up in the attorney-client engagement process. Twitter

      Nikhil Nirmel, CEO: We’re in the business of getting people lawyers quickly and effectively wherever they are and whenever they need one. We handle screening, client intake and matching, communications, and payments. We just launched our iPhone and Android apps and plan to expand across the United States and abroad. We’re also considering launching other verticals like doctors and accounting. People tell us that this row at the conference has been a breath of fresh air in a sea of E-Discovery and big corporate firms. They’re excited to see the startups here. We’ve received great feedback and engaged with potential partnerships.

      MeWe Inc. – Mobile software that simplifies compliance and make the law more accessible for businesses and consumers. Twitter

      Manik Suri, CEO – Based in Boston and San Francisco, we build do-it-yourself compliance tools for consumers and businesses. We simplify rules and regs in regulated industries and deliver them to our clients via mobile interfaces. We’re currently focused on food and housing. We’re also exploring lead generation opportunities with law firms.

      ONE400 – A digital marketing agency devoted to the legal industry. Twitter

      Allen Rodriguez, Co-Founder, Chief of Strategy: We help law firms acquire clients with an innovate approach to marketing strategies that enable practices to grow. We also have product ambitions of our own and have a mad scientist laboratory called one400X where all kinds of crazy stuff happens – from automated analytics tools to legal informatics to artificial intelligence type scripts – all the way down to 3D printers which we have in the office. At LegalTech, it’s inspiring to be alongside other startups in the space. The feedback has been fantastic. Tons of law firms are really interested in developing their own products, transacting online, and offering services much like the Legal Zooms and the Rocket Lawyers of today.

      PatentVector LLC – A company which has scraped the entire global patent registry and built a set of tools for discovering important patents. Twitter

      Andrew Torrance, Cofounder, President, and CEO: We were surprised and delighted that PatentVector was chosen by Stanford CodeX and Legal Tech to be part of the Startup Showcase. This gave us a perfect platform to meet hundreds of folks interested in the big patent data. We had fun chatting with companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, venture capital partnerships, and law firms about how PatentVector offers a uniquely powerful way to discover important patents, assess the importance of entire patent portfolios, and analyze the patenting performance of patent owners, inventors, attorneys, and examiners. Thanks to Stanford CodeX and Legal Tech, PatentVector is now on the map.

      Plainlegal – Intake software that collects the information lawyers need, including client intake, document assembly, filing, and docketing, to prepare IP filings. Twitter

      Nehal Madhani, CEO: We automate administrative and repetitive work for IP professionals. We plan on introducing more offerings in the IP space – like copyright docketing which we’re releasing this week and expand into other practice areas later this year. LegalTech has been great. We’re seeing traffic and exposure that we wouldn’t otherwise be getting.

      Priori Legal – An online platform for businesses to find, hire and pay for legal services. It connects businesses with a network of trusted attorneys at discounted and transparent rates. Twitter

      Basha Rubin, CEO: We are a curated legal marketplace that connects high growth startups and SMBs with a network of vetted lawyers at their most competitive rates. We’re expanding to other states including New Jersey which is launching next week and two more in the next two months. LegalTech has been amazing. It’s so inspiring to be around and share ideas with a group of people who are innovating in the legal space.

      Shake – A platform making the law accessible, understandable and affordable for consumers and small businesses. Create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds. Twitter

      Abe Geiger, CEO: We’re trying to simplify the expensive, confusing, and time-consuming contracting process that millions of consumers and small businesses endure today. Our bottom-up approach and mobile-first focus is very different than the traditional top-down, desktop centric, enterprise model. It’s great to see LegalTech, in collaboration with CodeX, embracing us small companies doing things a little differently and driving the industry forward.

      WizDocs, Inc – Provides attorneys with a software solution to manage their legal processes and makes corporate transactions and company legal document management more efficient and cost effective. Twitter

      Ben Longoria, CEO: We do deal management software. Law firms need to handle medium to large sized acquisitions whether it’s private equity, M&As, or IPOs. They use our platform to digitally project-manage the diligence process. We love being in a corridor with all startups at LegalTech. We like that we’re challenging the big companies and we’re getting great interest from small, medium and large firms.

      The ALM-CodeX Stanford partnership is off to a great start. It expands LegalTech’s appeal beyond large law firms to small and midsize firms and consumers of legal services. And, it helps innovative legal startups get exposure, builds community in the legal tech space, and affords keen minds the opportunity to share ideas and further spur innovation.

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