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    Lessons From Lawyers Who Rock Social Media


      Excerpt from ABA Law Practice Today article by Larry Port, Rocket Matter’s founder and CEO.
      Forget all the hype, including the nonsense business guru Guy Kawasaki once said about Twitter being the most important branding mechanism since TV. Social media, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like, are nothing new anymore. Some people have embraced it from the beginning, and others have shied away from it. Still others shrink in fear from the notion of wading into what seems to them to be a strange and scary environment.
      Ultimately, we can learn from lawyers who, in my opinion, rock social media the most to understand what it is, what it isn’t, and how it can affect your practice for the better.
      1. It’s Just a Conversation
      At its core, social media is a way to talk to people. It’s a form of engaging and communicating with other people. Its power resides in its ability to transcend distance and the amount of people to whom you have access. The lawyers who have a great presence in cyberspace understand this fundamental concept.
      2. You Can’t Build a Practice on Social Media
      Let’s get one thing straight: anyone who tells you that Facebook or Twitter is going to magically create a zillion potential leads is either a snake oil salesman or has taken medicine that is only legal in certain states. The truth is that having a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook presence can raise awareness about you, or serve as a starting point to discover more about your practice. And if you have a solid practice already, then your social media activity will leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to it.
      Read all 8 lessons.

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