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      NOTE: The promotion mentioned in this blog post has ended as of 08/15/17
      We started working with LexCharge, the legal-specific payment processing service back in February to provide credit card processing for Rocket Matter Payments. Our law firms have the ability to email an invoice and have the client pay online, offer pain-free recurring billing, and permit clients to pay over time with payment plans.
      Rocket Matter has used other payment processors in the past, but we were looking for a partner that would provide good prices for our customers and excellent customer service. Now, both companies have teamed up to provide free monthly access to LexCharge with a Rocket Matter subscription.
      “For law firms to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive and price-sensitive market, they must automate as much of their process as possible,” says Rocket Matter CEO, Larry Port. “Having LexCharge as part of the Rocket Matter subscription price will help firms become more efficient and profitable. With our automated recurring billing options, we’ve created ways for law firms to reduce the overhead related to billing.”
      Rocket Matter customers have attested to this. “We’ve heard about law firms reducing their billing time from days down to 30 minutes,” explains Port. “Now, we’ve enabled all sorts of options for law firms, allowing for as much creativity for pricing and services as they can come up with.”
      While per-transaction processing fees still apply, law firms will not have to pay for any regular monthly fees such as gateway or statement fees.  Usually, payment processing companies charge a monthly fee in the neighborhood of $20 for these services; however, these charges are simply included with the Rocket Matter subscription.
      LexCharge offers guaranteed lower payment processing rates, so if you’re currently working with another payment processor, switching to LexCharge goes straight to your bottom line. They’re happy to take a look at your statements and show you how much money you can save each month. LexCharge will also cover cancellation fees up to $300.
      When a law firm signs up for Rocket Matter, a LexCharge account gets configured along with it.  Existing firms can reach out to their Customer Success representatives to get started.  Either way, a friendly Rocket Matter staffer will walk you through the application process and warm-transfer you to the helpful people at LexCharge.

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