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    LinkedIn Advertising For Law Firms: How To Make It Work


      linkedinIn the crowded space of legal services, law firms must work harder than ever to continually bring on a new supply of clients. Sure, referrals are a great source of new clients, but you can’t rely on them alone. You have to advertise your services, but television ads and print media can be almost prohibitively expensive and can easily produce lackluster results.

      Digital advertising, however, definitely has it’s place in law firm marketing. Increasing your online visibility is a must for growing your firm in 2016. The question is how and where? LinkedIn Ads can help provide your firm precisely targeted messaging, giving you the chance to develop new leads for your particular practice area specialties.

      In this post, we’ll look at two specific types of LinkedIn Ads, that your firm can set up easily, to help you reach the right consumers. Best of all, you control the content and the budget from your advertising dashboard. The first is the Sponsored Update, which is a way to broadcast your content to the update feeds of potential prospect. The second is Text Ads, which show to the right of profiles on LinkedIn and introduce your service with a brief sentence or two about your firm.

      With Sponsored Updates, you’ll be able to share your firm’s professional content with thousands of potential prospects. Your content will appear in their update streams when they login or visit their home page, as in this example:

      What’s more, you’ll be able to really dial in your audience so that your content is promoted to only the right people. Suppose you’re a family law practitioner in the Dallas area. To reach potential clients, you would likely want to target the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. You can target by age, job title or company name. In this case, to really refine our focus, we’ll target our content to area members of the Divorce Advice group, ensuring we get our divorce related content in front of those most interested in it.

      With Text Ads, your firm’s ads will show in the ads section, to the right of profiles. You’ll be able to add a small image, customize your message and dial in strict targeting parameters so that you’re always in front of the right people. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad and control your daily and overall spend, as well as how much you’re willing to spend per click. You can also decide to send someone to your website or directly to your professional profile page on LinkedIn.

      Like any form of advertising you do, be sure and keep your ads focused on specific target groups and to check with your state bar if you have any questions about maintaining compliance in your ads. In addition, with LinkedIn Ads, you’ll need to track your leads independently, so that you can assign and calculate ROI properly. When designed and executed properly, however, your LinkedIn campaigns can be highly effective and very easy to track.

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