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    Looking Forward to ACLEA Annual Convention


      This weekend and early next week, the leaders of continuing legal education will gather in New York City for the 46th annual convention for ACLEA.

      As speakers and providers of educational legal content, we’re proud supporters of ACLEA and look forward to both exhibiting and attending.

      We like ACLEA not just for the novelty of having an extra ‘A’ at the end of the name (it stands for Association of Continuing Legal Education), it’s a terrific group of people with a great mission.

      So we’ll be there trying to find great new speakers for our monthly legal webinar series, our legal productivity podcast, and other educational content. We’re also seeking to meet state bar representatives so we can bring to your location cutting-edge content on quality topics:

      * Running a Green Law Office
      * Understanding Cloud Computing
      * Project Management for Law Firms
      * Running an Efficient and Error-free Law Office
      * Using Macs in a Law Office
      * Blogs, Twitter, & LinkedIn for Legal

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