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    Manage your Productivity and Work-Life Balance with Buffers


      A lot of times, when I read productivity blogs (an admittedly nerdy habit of mine), I come across nominally interesting ideas. This is the first one I’ve read in a long time that really resonated with me.

      Amber Singleton Riviere writes in Web Worker Daily about the importance of padding your schedule and other aspects of your life with buffers:

      It might seem efficient to have back-to-back appointments with small buffers to compensate for meetings running over and time to get to the next one, but what about the time needed to process what happened in the meeting? In every appointment I have, whether with a client about a project, a partner about a strategic alliance about collaborations we’re getting underway, or a guest about the radio show, there’s usually some sort of follow-up that needs to be done after the meeting. Wouldn’t it be more effective to do that while it’s still fresh on my mind?

      This is a phenomenal tool for anyone to have in their belt. I like the push-back from the constant particle accelerator of multi-tasking, push emails, tweets, and the 24-7 nonstop information deluge.

      Read the full article here on putting buffers around appointments, weekend, projects, workdays, and more.

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