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    Managing Bookmarks for Google Chrome on the Mac


      Google’s Chrome is a great browser.  It’s very, very fast, which is the primary reason I’m using it.  It has some cool features, too.  For instance, there’s no little window on the upper right for searching.  You type your search query directly into the address bar width= (it took a leap of faith and great confusion to figure this out).

      I use it on a Mac, which has some curious limitations.  As much as I want Chrome to maintain its status as my default browser, there’s no way to organize  your bookmarks like you can in Safari or Firefox, or even the redheaded step child of browsers, IE on Windows.

      Windows users don’t have to worry about this Chrome quirk, which means hopefully one day soon, the long held dream of Mac Chrome users to organize their bookmarks will finally materialize.

      Until then, you can follow this hackiest of hacky hacks to keep your bookmarks organized:

      1.  Delete your Chrome bookmarks by going to User->Library->Application Support->Google->Chrome and deleting the “Bookmarks” file.

      2.  Organize your bookmarks the way you want in Safari and import them into Chrome under File->Import Bookmarks and Settings.

      Not pretty, I know.  But at least you can use Chrome and keep your bookmarks the way you like them.

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