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    Migrating Data from Time Matters or Amicus Attorney into Rocket Matter


      We’re asked so often about Rocket Matter’s capabilities to import data from other software that I thought I would address this in a blog post.

      * If you can export your contacts, matter, and calendar information in a CSV, then we can import it into Rocket Matter.  This is the case with Amicus, Time Matters, and other market leading software.

      * We attempt to match the fields from your old program into our fields as best we can.  When they don’t match exactly, we preserve your data for reference in a “notes” field for the contact, matter, or calendar event.

      * If you’re bringing in Contact data and have the capability, providing vCards is a very accurate way of moving your data from one system to another.

      * If you’re bringing in Calendar data and have the capability, supply us with an Internet Calendar (iCalendar or ics file) for the best migration.

      * We recommend only bringing over active data.  Keep old matters in your legacy system for reference, but don’t pollute your new system with old information if you can help it.  For active matters, it’s best to bring in just the balance for the matter and start from there.

      * You will have to take a look at your exported data and see if it’s any good. CSV files work by having the field label in the first row, like “Home Phone”, and the data in the rows underneath.  We often see bad exports, for example “Mr.” will appear under “First Name”, not “Salutation”.  Also, contacts may only have email addresses listed.

      * Before you send your export files over, take a look and make sure it’s what you’d like to bring into your new Rocket Matter system.

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