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    Migrating your data to Rocket Matter


      So perhaps you’ve been thinking about making the plunge to online legal practice management and want to give Rocket Matter a spin.

      But you’re wondering – what about my existing data? How do I bring it over to Rocket Matter? This was a discussion that recently popped up on the Macs in Law Offices discussion group, so I decided to post my response to them.

      Most programs allow you to export your data to CSV files. We actually have some very powerful import functionality that we currently offer free of charge:

      1) Rocket Matter can import your Contact list for you either via vCard (preferred) or CSV.
      2) Calendars can be imported into RM using either iCalendar (preferred) or CSV.
      3) You can import any list of matters and clients via an import format we created. We have sample files we can send you so that you can assemble your data – it then gets imported right into RM.
      4) You can also, more powerfully, import a list of matters, clients, and all billable activity corresponding to those matters. Per #3, we have sample files for you.

      We’ve brought in CSV data from a variety of programs: Time Matters, Outlook, Quickbooks, PC Law, Small Office Suite, and Harvest, to name a few.

      CSV’s can be easily manipulated via spreadsheet programs such as Numbers or Excel, then exported or “saved as” the CSV format.

      If you have a lot of data to work with, or if it goes beyond the scope of contacts, calendars, matters, and billable activities, and you really don’t want to reproduce it manually, get in touch with us and we can put together a customized import package for you.

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