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    Top 10 Legal Productivity Mobile Apps of 2014


      More of us watched video, read articles, and performed transactions on our phones and tablets in 2014 than any other year, and that trend will continue. Of the dozens of legal and productivity mobile apps we featured this year, the following 10 were the most popular.

      1. Pomotodo – Manage Your To-Do Lists the Pomodoro Way – Pomotodo combines a to-do list and task management system with the Pomodoro technique and GTD method.

      2. Fitness Tracking – Nike FuelBand vs Fitbit Force – Wear a simple, light bracelet and it tracks everything from your activity throughout the day, calories you burned, and even your sleep quality.

      3. Shake – Create and Deliver Legal Agreements On Your Phone – Shake allows you to quickly and easily draw up your own contract or use one of the built-in templates – like Freelance Agreement, Rental Agreement, Nondisclosure Agreement, Loan Money Agreement – then sign and deliver it to all parties. The entire transaction is done on your phone.

      4. Mailtracker – See When and Where Your Email Was Read – The Mailtracker app will deliver real-time analytics directly to your phone. You’ll be notified as soon as an email had been read. You can also see how many times the email was viewed, how much time was spent reading the email, the recipient’s location information, and device details.

      5. 30/30 – Simple Task Management – The 30/30 app is grounded on the principle that you should focus on a single task at a time with no distractions. Work for 30 minutes, and then do something unrelated for 30 minutes. The time constraint forces your mind to focus, and then you are rewarded with a break.

      6. MindNode – Post-It Notes on Steroids – MindNode makes mind mapping–a visual representation of your ideas–easy. It lets you create and drag-and-drop notes–or nodes–to rearrange your ideas, add images, stylize nodes, and send the entire project to iCloud or Dropbox to share with the team.

      7. SpeakWrite – Transcribe Audio or Video Into Quick Blog Posts or Documents – SpeakWrite is a mobile app (audio only) and web-based (audio and video) service that transcribes audio and video files into text for blog posts, meeting notes, legal documents, etc.

      8. Talkboard- The Digital Collaborative Whiteboard – Talkboard is a digital collaborative whiteboard that makes brainstorming and collaborating with others extremely simple, whether they’re across the room or across the world.

      9. Wunderlist – Organize Your Life and Business – Wunderlist allows you to track your tasks, set reminders and notifications, create subtasks, add notes, and even add web content straight from your browser.

      10 Fixed – A Non-Lawyer App That Fights Your Parking Tickets – This app will fight your parking ticket for 25% of the fine if you win. Snap a picture of your parking ticket, upload it to Fixed and they take care of the rest, which includes scanning for errors and handling the process of contesting the ticket.

      If you have a favorite legal or productivity app and would like to see it featured (or write a guest post about it), please use this form to submit your request.

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