More news about SaaS growth

by rocketmatter-admin January 16, 2009

Here’s another survey showing the rapidly growthing adoption of enterprise level Software-as-a-Service or SaaS. The author of this article discusses that since SaaS has become such a trusted and dominant IT trend, much is to be learned from SaaS vendor operations.  To read more, click here.

THINKstrategies’ most recent survey of over 100 mid- and large-scale organizations worldwide, conducted this past October in conjunction with Cutter Consortium, found that the proportion of respondents using SaaS applications had nearly doubled from 32% in 2007 to 63% in 2008.

In addition, nearly 100% of the survey participants were satisfied with the benefits they’ve gained from their SaaS solutions, and over 90% planned to renew their subscription services, expand their use of SaaS and would recommend SaaS to their peers.

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