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    Remembering What’s Most Important on Valentine’s Day


      valentine's day takes on a new meaning

      Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Rocket Matter. Sure, we know this holiday means different things for different people. Some people, especially those in the throes of a new romance, love it for obvious reasons. Others hate it (especially some people who really don’t need the reminder that they’re single.)
      But this year, maybe Valentine’s Day can take on a new meaning.
      We need no reminder about the tragedy that happened exactly one year ago today. Parkland is not very far from our headquarters in Boca Raton (some of our employees actually live there), so the horrific events that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year hit very close to home in many ways. We knew students at the school and heard far too many first hand accounts about people who lost loved ones. We visited the campus, paid our respects, and even marched in solidarity with the Stoneman Douglas students themselves.
      So on Valentine’s Day this year, the 1-year-anniversary of the shooting, it’s impossible not to keep those students and the school’s faculty and administration front of mind. It’s impossible not to think about the many families were shattered that day.
      And it’s impossible not to hug our loved ones a little tighter and remember what’s most important in life. (Hint: It’s not the candy hearts.)

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