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    Never Miss a Court Deadline with Rocket Matter's LawToolBox Integration


      Rocket Matter LawToolBox Integration
      It’s no secret that missed deadlines are a major problem for lawyers. In fact, missed deadlines are the leading cause of attorney malpractice claims. Luckily, there’s a product out there called LawToolBox that helps you with the deadline calculation nightmare—and Rocket Matter just announced that they’ve integrated with it.
      Rocket Matter’s new integration with LawToolBox allows you to import calendar dates for matters in jurisdictions all over the United States. This advanced synchronization will let you know when published deadlines change so you can stay on top of your game.
      There’s no reason why you or your staff should spend any of your valuable time calculating dates.  Let LawToolBox and Rocket Matter take care of it for you.
      Here’s how it works:
      Court Rule Calendaring
      Select the desired jurisdictions you want available when adding court rules to matters.
      Rocket Matter lawtoolbox integration rules
      Select your trigger date and the LawToolBox integration will automatically populate deadlines based on the date. You can also specify which users are to be notified regarding rule updates so you’ll never miss a deadline.

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