Stunning New Law Firm Website: Pargulski & Hauser PLLC

by rocketmatter-admin September 25, 2013

Rocket Matter Internet Marketing Services is proud to announce the unveiling of another client law firm website, Pargulksi & Hauser, PLLC, an Des Monies, Iowa Criminal, Family & Injury law firm.



We wanted to convey a fresh look for the firm while preserving their colors and incorporating their locale into their site. The result was a stunning graphical representation of the Des Moines skyline, which we were able to incorporate into their other online properties.





Of course, when you create a law firm website these days you need to create a mobile attorney website, so the design is optimized for use on a smartphone. Pargulski and Hauser have a responsive law firm website, which automatically reformats itself based on the size of the screen it’s viewed on.

In a world of smartphones, tablets, and every size computer screen imaginable, if you don’t have a responsive website you’re giving a huge advantage to a competitor.

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