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    New Permission Capabilities Available to Rocket Matter Users


      With our new trust accounting and billing functionality, we’ve incorporated a number of really great analytics tools so that law firms can get a quick, intelligent sense of what’s going on in the practice.

      Big fat numbers, clickable into drill down reports, which click further down into more detail, have all the information you’ve ever wanted to see about the financial position and performance of your law firm.

      However, since we’ve put so much power into the hands of our attorneys, we need to make sure that inside a firm, not everybody gets to see the whole picture (especially now, during Intern season).

      Enter our new privacy controls. We spent a lot of time and energy on this, so that we could provide a ton of flexibility for the different roles who might access Rocket Matter. For instance, accountants, senior partners, junior associates, and receptionists all may or may not need access to financial data, client information, and so on.

      Of course, we had to make them good-looking (couldn’t resist):

      Legal Practice Management and Time Tracking Privacy Controls - Done the Rocket Matter Way!

      Check out our press release “Rocket Matter Adds Additional Privacy Capabilities In Signature Cloud Product”.

      Or, if you’d like to just skip ahead and attend a product demonstration webinar, simply pick a time and sign right up!

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