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    Newegg and the giant paper packing snake


      Yesterday I received a package from Newegg, which I’ve always found exceptional due to their low prices and excellent customer service.

      The package contained my new Scansnap 300M and some blank DVDs. Keeping them all in place were not peanuts, bubble wrap, or air pockets, but an enormously long coiled sheet of recycled paper.

      I was happy since there was nothing to clean up. The kids were happy that we received a 20 foot paper snake in the mail. And then this morning, I received an email from Newegg. They wanted my opinions on the giant paper packing snake:

      We have started testing an environmentally responsible, renewable, reusable and recyclable paper packaging material from Ranpak Corp. called FILLPAK TT®. As part of our commitment to our customers, we would like to offer you the opportunity to help us evaluate this new material by completing the questions and comments below.

      Wow. Not only is Newegg moving in an environmentally responsible direction, they want to know what I think about it. Add that to their quick service and low prices, and it adds up to a company that clearly cares. And that’s what keeps us coming back.

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