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    Office 365 Business Premium: All the Extras Worth Checking Out


      office 365
      Office 365 Business Premium packs a mighty punch. Just getting it for the email alone is worth it. Then you’ve got the obvious Microsoft Office suite of apps, both local and cloud versions, along with the suite of mobile apps for your tablets and mobile devices. However, that’s not all Microsoft includes with the Premium plan. In fact, it includes so much, that you need to determine which features you’ll take the time to learn and implement in your practice.
      Here, I’ll touch upon three features that you should consider using:
      Office Online
      If you have the local apps, you may be wondering why you would even use this. This biggest reason I have found is that it provides a better experience for multi-user editing. When the file is stored in OneDrive, you can share access to outside users, choosing to allow them to edit or not.
      You can use this feature in applications installed locally, but the sync can be a bit delayed which, in turn, can impede the flow of working with others on a document. Opting to work in the online application provides a much more responsive experience. This is extremely useful in Word and OneNote.
      Yammer Corporate Network
      Yammer has been around a lot longer than Slack. In fact, Microsoft bought the company for $1.2 billion back in 2012. It is a very well-developed solution that is feature-rich and included with your 365 Business Premium subscription.
      The price of a Slack account ranges from $6.67/month for the Standard account and $12.50/month for the Plus. So if your firm is currently using Slack, there’s an immediate way to reduce costs.
      Microsoft Bookings
      Bookings was released in June 2016 and is Microsoft’s answer to the popular meeting scheduling solutions out there such as, ScheduleOnce, YouCanBookMe, and Doodle. This solution aims to reduce the endless string of emails it usually takes to find a time for a meeting. is $8/month for premium and $12/month for Pro, and most other solutions are priced within this range. If you are currently paying for one of these solutions, you may want to test out Bookings and see if it does what you need.  If you’re not using this type of solution at all, I highly recommend checking out Bookings as a quantifiable time saver.

      Tom Lambotte is the CEO of GlobalMacIT, a national company providing complete end-to end legal technology consulting services to Mac-Based law firms. Operating as a Managed Service Provider, their service enables their clients to delegate all technology-related responsibilities so they can leverage their technology and convert it into a profit-generator for their firm.

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