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    On The Passing of Steve Jobs


      We at Rocket Matter are part of the broader revolution of taking the world online.

      We’re active participants in history, each and every member of our team and the law firms that use our cloud legal software.

      As a technology company, there’s no shortage of inspirational people to look to in this amazing time we have the good fortune of witnessing and participating in firsthand. And none was more inspirational and personally important to many of us than Steve Jobs.

      From a company perspective, much of our good fortune stems from the Mac community, our first and early adopters and still part of our largest fans. The iPhone brought a full browser to the mobile device, and on the iPad the product looks great and performs quickly. We even use Pixar stamps on the personal thank you notes we send out to customers and business contacts.

      On a larger scale, Jobs is one of the first pioneers of the era of personal computers to pass away. His imprint on our culture and our lives can’t be captured in an email, so I’m not going to even try.

      But if you have some time today or over the weekend, definitely read about him if you haven’t already. The LA Times had a great piece here (kinda looked like they’ve been working on it for a while…), and in August when Jobs stepped down, we wrote a piece about him on our Legal Productivity blog.

      In any case, we’re lucky to have lived in a time with Steve Jobs.

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