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    Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns For Mobile


      mobile advertisingA recent study by Marin Software projected that mobile ads would account for 50% of the total PPC clicks by the end of 2015. As it stands today, Google will not allow you to opt out entirely of mobile participation in your AdWords campaigns, requiring advertisers to have their ads served on a mix of both desktops and tablets.

      Knowing that valuable research is often conducted on mobile devices, including smartphones, should serve notice to optimize at least a portion of your campaigns for mobile. Here are some tips to maximize your PPC campaigns for mobile:

      1. Create a mobile-optimized experience. Before you pay to send folks to your website, make sure it’s optimized to deliver a solid experience. Make sure your site functions well on all common mobile devices, including tablets, iPhone and Android platforms. Make sure visitors are able to take quick, decisive actions when they arrive.

      2. Take advantage of bid modifiers. Bid modifiers are available in both the Adwords and Microsoft Ads platforms. You can adjust your bids on mobile devices up or down, based on your priorities. Mobile devices are typically divided into two categories, tablets and smartphones. Currently, the Adwords platform will not let you opt out of serving your ads on tablets.

      3. Dedicate a separate campaign to mobile. It’s easier to track and analyze mobile performance when you’ve set aside a specific budget and campaign. Often, mobile clicks can run substantially less than their desktop counterparts. It’s important to be able to accurately track performance measures as well as cost, however. It’s entirely possible for a well-optimized mobile campaign to outperform a similar desktop campaign in digital advertising, provided the experience is well designed. On the flip side, sending a user to a poorly optimized landing page or website from a mobile click can be disastrous for results.

      4. Take advantage of mobile call extensions. Displaying a “click to call” number directly under your ad can generate a quick response. A viewer simply has to tap the extension to call your business directly. Imagine someone has just been in an accident and has just searched for an accident attorney in your area. Ads with mobile extensions greatly increases the chance you’ll get that important call quickly and efficiently.

      Optimizing your PPC campaigns for mobile can be time consuming at first, especially if you’re not currently designed to deliver a mobile experience to visitors. Focusing on optimizing your website, dedicating a separate campaign to mobile, and taking advantage of mobile call extensions will help you get more bang for your advertising buck.

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