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    PacerPRO Gives Federal Case and Docket Service a Facelift


      PACER, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts via the Internet. It is notoriously cumbersome and unimaginative. However, enterprising companies have used the service as a back-end for slick, useful products. PacerPro joins that group.

      PacerPRO is a docket solution for the digital age, giving subscribers an efficient way to find, retrieve and manage the 750 million court records — federal court cases, information and pleadings — currently available on PACER. The service also features an iPad app for information on the go.

      Key features of the service include:

      • Searching PACER – PacerPRO’s robust search tools’ capabilities include: Search across multiple courts simultaneously to find a complete set of records. Filter these results to identify relevant cases quickly. Save past searches.
      • Document Management – Once the relevant information is retrieved, users can bookmark cases for easy access. PacerPRO automatically indexes the docket for quick and easy searches. Electronic files make it easy to create and save collections of documents, reflect changes in the docket, and organize document collections.
      • Mobile Access – Entirely web-based, PacerPRO provides attorneys access to important case information anywhere at anytime. And, thanks to PacerPRO’s iPad application, attorneys can now take curated docket collections offline — great for places where internet access is not always available, such as the courtroom, on airplanes, and at depositions. No more delays while you update paper files. No more lugging boxes full of binders stuffed with pleadings.
      • PacerPRO Archive – PacerPRO is in the process of compiling our own archival database. The PacerPRO Archive returns results with simple, one-word or boolean searches. We are constantly adding to the PacerPRO Archive. Archive searches are free.

      I wish this was available during my law librarian days as I slogged through the clunky PACER interface more times than I care to remember.

      PacerPRO will be available at a special introductory price of $25 a month and the iPad app at $15 a month. Meanwhile, the service is available as a preview release. Request an invitation and give it a test drive.

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