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    Use Cloud Practice Management Software to Power Your Paperless Law Office


      Embracing cloud practice management software such as Rocket Matter–the example we use in this piece–is essential for law firms to operate efficiently and effectively and to help manage daily workflows and organize client files to achieve a mostly paperless office.

      Besides the well known advantages of easily capturing time and billing, task management, and calendaring, here are some highlights of how cloud practice management software streamlines firm operations and lessens dependence on paper.

      Document Management

      With the acquisition of cloud practice management software, documents can be stored, automatically generated, organized and shared securely.

      An important facet of moving to a paperless law office is the ability to store and maintain documents, including legal research notes, client files, and correspondence. To cut cost on outside file storage, Rocket Matter offers unlimited document storage. Whether your documents are created using the document assembly feature or uploaded into the system, there isn’t a cap on the number of documents that can be stored.

      The Document Assembly feature is a great time-saver. Through this process, legal documents that would normally take hours to create can be generated within minutes. This feature allows users to merge legal templates with their client and matter data that is stored in the system. And it’s all done online. No paper involved.

      The process of organizing a client’s documents is a lot simpler with the use of cloud practice management software. Once a client’s matter is entered into the system, a “Matter Documents” section is automatically created.

      Within the “Matter Documents” section, users are able to upload files that correlate to their client’s matter. Documents can be filtered and grouped together using the tagging feature. The tagging of documents makes it easier for these documents to be located from anywhere within the system due to tags being searchable in the Global Search Bar, which is located at the top of every page.

      Not only is there unlimited storage space for documents that were created through document assembly or manually uploaded, members of the firm can use their favorite document storage and sharing applications via integrations with third-party applications such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote. These integrations allow law firms to attach documents and notes to the appropriate matter.

      Client Portal

      These same documents can be shared securely with your clients through a portal. This eliminates the need for printing, mailing or faxing documents. Once enabled, your clients will not only have access to documents but their invoices and related calendar events that you decide to share will be accessible as well. Again, no paper involved.


      If you look inside a physical client folder, you may notice numerous notes that have been scribbled pertaining to that client. These notes are probably out of order and may be illegible to other members of the firm. With the proper use of cloud practice management software, paper scrawl and the clutter of notes are gone.

      With Rocket Matter, each client has a notes section within their contact record and additional notes sections in their separate matters. This information can be entered and edited if you’re on the run as well by using the synched mobile apps.

      Phone Messages

      Tell your receptionist to throw those message pads and sticky notes away. Rocket Matter has a built-in phone messaging feature that enables effective communication without the use of paper. Phone messages are sent by clicking a telephone icon providing a pop-up window where details of the call are entered in the appropriate fields. This includes the client’s name and matter, who they are leaving the message for and the actual message.

      These messages are accessible immediately on the top navigation of the user who was sent the message, as well as in the contact record of the caller.

      These are just some of the standout features that enable law firms to more effectively go paperless. Many other features and workflows are available for each firm to adopt based on their unique needs.

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