Pets in the Office? Here's What Lawyers Have to Say About That

by rocketmatter-admin December 21, 2018

pets in office
Want to bring your pet to work? Well, as we’ve covered recently, doing so is actually good for your health and your productivity. We spoke with lawyers about what they find most beneficial about bringing their pets to work. Here’s what they had to say:
“I started bringing my pet to work from day one since I started my own practice. While interning while I was still in law school, it was so easy to become very stressed—there’s stress from clients, stress from your boss, even stress from other interns. The constant cortisol rush made unwinding at the end of the day almost impossible. However, having a pet there to greet me every night sure did help. I noticed early on that my Frenchie, Tater, had this uncanny way of making me relax. So, when I started taking on my own clients, a lot of my work was done from him with him in my lap.” – Melissa McKinney Breyer, an estate planning attorney with The Hive Law in Atlanta



“When I joined Venjuris, I negotiated my Basset Hound, Rosie, into my contract. She comes to the office once a week, and everyone loves her. People pop by my office just to pet her, and they are happier and more relaxed after visiting with her. There are times when I’m stressed, where I’ll grab whatever documents I’m working on and sit on the floor—one hand holding the papers while the other is petting my dog. I grew up with Bassets, so I’ve always known that they were a calming force.” —Ruth Carter, an intellectual property and social media and internet law attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Rosie the Basset Hound

Rosie the Basset Hound

“Having Pluto, my cat, near me while working has a major stress-reducing effect.  Whenever I’m stressed, he seems to know and comes around to jump on my lap to ‘ask’ me to pet him. His presence is a constant reminder that there are many things in my life far more important than whatever problem has me consumed at the moment.” –Tina Willis, a personal injury attorney in Orlando, Florida



“I have brought Winter, my Pit Bill/Labrador/ Terrier mix, into the office with me since she was a tiny puppy. Winter lowers my anxiety during stressful days when the pressure of work is high. I also have other office staff that take care of her when I need to go to court or run to meetings. They all love her, and I’m confident to say the office is a happier place with her presence. – David Reischer, CEO of in New York City

Winter- pit-bull Labrador terrier mix


“Our office atmosphere has become significantly more relaxed since I started bringing Little Man, my Yorkie, into the office. Some lawyers and co-workers come into my office just so they can play with the dog. I also developed a better relationship with a co-worker as a result of Little Man.” —Patrick J. O’Hara, a personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas

Little Man

Little Man

“Having happy employees is a top priority to me, and I have found that having puppies around the office boosts overall company morale, lowers my employees’ stress, and provides an outlet for mental release as well as physical activity. The pups definitely help the day go by faster and it’s a nice distraction from the day-to-day grind of dealing with issues. All of my employees are encouraged to play with, hold, and take the puppies out for walks. My employees tell me that walking the dogs is a nice break to get out and enjoy the fresh air. They return to the office refreshed and recharged.” – Leslie H. Tayne, founder and Managing Director of  The Tayne Law Group, P.C., a law practice concentrating in debt management, debt resolution, and bankruptcy alternatives in New York

Leslie Tayne - Dash (Black lab)

Leslie Tayne and Dash

“Angus, my Westie, keeps me sane and in-touch with what is going on around me.  I am a self-starter and find that my problem is not getting started working each day, but it is knowing when to stop.  I can get really focused on what I am doing, but Angus always reminds me when it is time to take a break and do something else, even if it is just for a few minutes.  —Barry Burt, a corporate attorney in Atlanta

Barry Burt and Angus - Westie

Barry Burt and Angus

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