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    Pictures of Mission Control: Rocket Matter’s New Headquarters


      We’ve been so busy here at Rocket Matter HQ we haven’t had time to update our blog with pics of our new space that we moved into at the beginning of May.

      We did some cool stuff: the team painted the walls “Rocket Red” (you may have seen our video), we got a bunch of retro movie sci-fi posters with space imagery on them, and eschewed nasty corporate carpeting for wood floors. Round it out with some hipster IKEA furniture which should last until, at least, Thanksgiving, and we made ourselves a cool, little, Silicon Valley-in-Florida office space.

      Our coffee center, complete with Nasa mugs purchased at Kennedy Space Center.

      Movie posters from '50s sci fi create a bold, playful environment while echoing our space theme.

      Eight foot long whiteboards for creative thinking. Mutli-colored visitor chairs and drop leaf table from IKEA. The rocket lava lamp is soothing.

      Office dog Blackjack loves to slide around on our new wood floors

      Bessie the cow has a new home. If she eats those plants, forget sentimentality. She's a hamburger.

      Our alien looks sharp with his new tie, with a fat double windsor knot.

      Think this is the kind of environment for you? We’re always looking for smart, creative, and fun people to work with: designers, software engineers, marketing geniuses, and customer service people. Click here to tell us about yourself and find out more!

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