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    Poll: What's Your Favorite "Read Later" App?


      Instead of keeping upwards of 20 tabs open in your browser for articles or websites that you plan to read later, you probably save them to a “read later” app like Pocket or Instapaper. Or, maybe you send them to Evernote or simply add them to your browser “Bookmarks,” or email them to yourself (“copy to email” below.)
      A favorite of mine is the “Open Tabs” option: Right-click (Control + click on a Mac) on any of the tabs, select “Bookmark all Tabs,” name it (say, “Open Tabs”), and save the folder to the Bookmarks Bar.
      Note that some of the choices below may be considered processes rather than apps. I use a app-process combination and consider both my favorites. What’s yours? You’re allowed up to two choices.
      If you don’t find your favorite below, please add in the comments. Thanks!
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