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    Affordable Gifts For Legal Productivity Geeks – 2014 Edition


      It’s that time of year again, and we have a bunch of awesome, affordable gift ideas for fun-loving, productivity geeks. We’ve spent a lot of time (and fun) curating this list. Remember: taking time out to play and have fun boosts focus, creativity, and productivity. Hope you find something useful and fun for you and your friends, family, and colleagues.
      Tile – Find anything quickly–your keys, purse, remote control,or other important items. Attach a tile, download the app to your phone, and track where you leave stuff. Starts at $25 and the price drops the more you order.

      MacSparky Presentations Field Guide – Most people dread public speaking, but just about everyone has to do it. This excellent iBook will help to ease the dread and amp up your game. The 400+ guide is available as an iBook or PDF. $9.99.

      Baron Fig Notebooks – Rediscover the tactile pleasure (and memory gains) of writing–on paper. These notebooks are designed with an underlying philosophy of simplicity and usefulness. The Confidant is $16 and the Apprentice goes for $9.

      iPhoto Picture Book – Select a theme and iPhoto will automatically lay out your book using your photos. Rearrange photos and add text then click the Buy Book button and a professionally printed and bound book will be delivered to your door. I did this for my folks’ visit last summer and it was awesome. $29.99.

      WriteyBoard – Don’t want to buy and install a dry-erase whiteboard? WhiteyBoard offers a range of stick-on whiteboards. Just stick on and begin writing or sketching. Starts at $9.99.

      Pocket Monkey – Twelve functions packed into one millimeter of stainless steel the size of credit card, so you can easily carry it with you at all times and MacGyver your way through problems. Starts at $10.

      Laptop Stand – By now we’ve all heard that sitting can kill us. But standing desks cost a lot more than $30. Show that you still care and give the gift of a laptop stand, instead. I use one and it works. $20 and up.

      Done is Better than Perfect T-Shirt – We all know what it’s like to spend way too much time endlessly tweaking a project. Why not wear a T-Shirt as a reminder to the perfectionist in us to stop and ship? $25.

      Evernote Moleskin Notebook – It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Evernote. Now you can give your handwritten notes a digital life. Starts at $24.95. Bonus: Get Evernote Premium with the purchase of any of these notebooks.

      Freehands Gloves – Don’t let the cold stop your productivity. Free your fingers to work in the cold while keeping your hands warm. Starts at $22.

      Good to Great – No list is complete without a good, old-fashioned, hardcover book, and this is one of the best. It topped our Suggested Leadership Reading List. $20.44.

      Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker – A fast and convenient way to get a jolt in the morning or during the afternoon lull. You can even travel with it and avoid the nasty coffee maker in your hotel room. $22. Bonus: The minibru Coffee Press Mug to French-Press a single cup of coffee. $14.99

      NomadKey – Remove the mini license plate or other useless attachment from your keychain and add the NomadKey. The handy Micro USB (or Lightening) cable keeps your mobile devices powered up. $29.99.

      Audible – I’m not a fan of giving gifts that require recipients to continuing paying after the term expires, but this a gift that will keep on giving–many hours of entertainment and learning–for those who’re now discovering it. $14.95. Spring for two months.

      Gift Cards – Finally, when in doubt, get a gift card. Who doesn’t love gift cards? Favorites include Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Movie tickets, Starbucks–wherever your loved ones spend their time and money. Don’t go for something too obscure or kitchy.

      Check out our 2013 and 2012 editions for more gift ideas.
      Have other suggestions? Please add them in the comments below.
      Happy Holidays!

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