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    Increase Law Firm Efficiency With Project Management Apps


      In an increasingly competitive landscape, law firms are looking for ways to increase productivity and efficiency. Using project management apps can help.

      Firms can use popular note taking and document management applications such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive to help build a project management system (See: How Lawyers Use Evernote and How Lawyers Use Dropbox) or subscribe to a total law firm practice management system with broad functionality like Rocket Matter.

      But within law firms there are many projects that are not legal-specific but have to get done, and done quickly and efficiently. For instance, RFPs that the Marketing and Library departments are collaborating on, or the myriad projects the IT department is handling, or the Continuing Legal Education department working with lawyers on their presentations and handling accreditation and logistics.

      That’s where project management applications that streamline processes, increase transparency, and facilitate collaboration, communication, and efficient workflows, become invaluable. Here are a couple of apps built just for project management to create projects, assign tasks, upload attachments, and track progress.

      Trello – This app works with boards, lists, and cards. Each project board contains vertical lists (for instance: Backlog, To Do, In Progress, Completed, Deployed), and each list contains cards that can house anything from attachments and checklists to conversations with team members. Drag and drop cards between lists to reorder or show progress. Easy to set up and easy to use, this free app allows you to create as many boards and add as many people as you want. They also offer paid business and enterprise versions.

      Asana – This app is billed as teamwork without email; the writing, reading, sorting, and forwarding of emails that many still call project management. Create tasks and subtasks and organize them into shared projects, lists, meeting agendas, and other initiatives. Conversations with team members and tasks are in one place, tied to a project, and actionable. Views are customizable by project or due date. Asana is free for teams up to 15 people with paid options available for bigger teams.

      There are other project management apps out there like Basecamp but these two are free, web-based, and a great place to start and test project by project, for a more efficient and productive work day. And though these apps really shine when collaborating with teammates, they’re also useful for solos tracking projects.

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