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    Why QR Codes are Worthless


      Originally we were going to write a point-counterpoint article where one of us extolled the virtues of QR codes while another took the flip side of the argument.
      As it turns out, everyone at our company agrees that QR codes, those square, barcode-like things that look like TV static, are completely worthless.
      Anecdotal evidence: I have seen two only people scan a QR code in the past year.  One was an older gentleman who was trying to impress his friend with his technological prowess.  The other was my six-year old, who was interested in them for about three days.
      I get the premise: there’s a need for people telling a story in the real world to transfer their audience into the online world. Once you grab someone’s attention on your box of cereal or poster, you can then get them onto the Internet where you can track their every move.
      Here’s the problem with QR codes: it’s about a thousand times easier to use Google or Bing to find something than it is to unlock your smartphone, pull up your QR Code app, and take the scan, ensuring there’s no glare and photo conditions are perfect.

      Ridiculous QR Code Uses

      I have a couple of funny anecdotes about QR codes. Don’t we all?
      A few years ago I was giving a CLE talk in Louisville with my old pal Finis Price. We were cruising to dinner in a swanky neighborhood and we passed a billboard ad that had a QR code on it.
      Drivers, or anyone else in a vehicle, going 50mph are going to whip out their phones and snag a QR code?
      Not to mention the sun set behind

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