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    Top 10 Law Related Topics on Quora


      Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The site aggregates questions and answers to topics.

      It’s a useful platform for lawyers to keep their fingers on the pulse of what consumers and colleagues are discussing and weigh in with answers on the site or in a blog post. Of the 200 or so law related topics, here are 10 of the most highly followed.

      1. Law (87K followers) – Anything pertaining to law and laws, both specific and in the abstract.

      2. Legal Ethics (12K followers) – Questions from consumers of legal services and lawyers.

      3. Startup Law (11K followers) – Legal issues related to startups. Write a blog on business law? If you subscribed to this topic, you would have discovered and probably weighed in on one of the questions in this category: Who are the best bloggers writing about startup legal advice?

      4. Criminal Justice (9.4K followers) – Questions about sentencing, the death penalty and prison life.

      5. Law School (8K followers) – Questions about taking the LSAT and insight into law schools, especially ivy league schools.

      6. Legal Issues and Law in Everyday Life (8K followers) – Bankruptcy, tax issues, traffic violations, etc – issues people encounter in their daily lives, as the topic title indicates.

      7. Law Firms (7K followers) – Law firms business structure and management.

      8. Attorneys (7K followers) – As might be expected, questions are all over the place, from general to very specific. Good opportunity for lawyers to weigh in.

      9. Management of Law Firms and Practice (1.6K followers) – Question about legal technology dominate.

      10. Law Firm Profitability (1.4K followers) – Questions range from outsourcing to revenue vs. profit, to attorney fees.

      Lawyers can also look up topics based on their practice area, like Entertainment, Sports, Media, Privacy, Defamation, etc. These less broad topics range from a handful of followers to several hundred. There’s even an Attorney Recommendations topic with requests for a specific attorney to help with a legal issue.

      Interested in finding out who are answering the law related questions? See Who are the attorneys and law school students on Quora? Participants include solo attorneys, law firms like Baker & McKenzie, DLA Piper, inside counsel, and company executives.

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