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    Recap: Time Blocking Webinar with Barbara Nelson


      Thanks to all who attended and to Barbara Nelson, who did a fantastic job!  Make sure you take advantage of her free coaching call:

      * Monday, March 1st
      * 3pm-4pm, ET
      * 218-895-0646
      * code 2227#

      Barbara pioneered a number of “firsts” in this webinar:  first time we put one of the attendees on the line to join the discussion, first time one of the hosts is doing a follow-up call, and first time we’ve gotten homework!

      Some of the many Time Management Tips from Attendees:

      * I use technology to change my work environment. If I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, I’ll leave the ofice to work. Forward phones & grab my laptop. Working in the park is very productive.

      * Twitter + Facebook ought to be rewards (not habit) for many.

      * Tip for perfectionists: time block things & deem them done at end of block.

      * Hemingway always had a starting point for the next day’s writing.

      * Plan time to think.

      * I leave Monday mornings open for calls, emails, reviewing weekend’s mail.

      * Google calendar up on the desktop whenever I am at my desk=crucial.

      * The frog tastes better in the morning than late in the day (i.e. do the thing you don’t want to do EARLY & get it out of the way).

      * Wear a kamikaze headband to signal “don’t bother me now.” Extreme time blocking (may not work at the courthouse).

      * You can print out your computer calendar, and it’s more easily revised & accessed on the road.

      * Scheduling call-backs for status may be a good way of training clients/family (if family cooperates).

      * Train clients to ask quick questions by email, which makes answering easier/less urgent/less intrusive.

      * “Don’t Open Email in the Morning” book worth checking out.

      * Make something you don’t want to do but have to do fun: Put on some good music, have a glass of wine, etc. Change the association from negative to positive.

      * End-of-day and Friday time management effectiveness review after blocking time on my calendar has been the best way to get started. This will help in limiting time-wasting activities – as Barbara said, without the judgment.

      * As a solo with a home office, I try to work outside my office at a coffee shop or other “third place” at least once a week for a couple of hours. Changing up the location from time to time = more productivity.

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