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    Release Notes (Taxes) 6/1/16


      Now Available!

      Multiple Views for Rocket Matter Atlas
      Rocket Matter’s beautiful, redesigned interface now lets you choose between Multiple Viewing Options!  My Dashboard now features a “Calendar-centric” view, and a “Task-centric” view.  Firm Calendars can now be displayed in “Fit events” view, and “Show all events” view.  The choice is yours!


      New Features

      • Multiple Timers
      Multiple Timers can now be run in the web version of Rocket Matter.


      • Taxes
      Taxes are now calculated automatically in Rocket Matter.  Billing widgets have been updated to reflect Taxes, and new Invoice Template mergefields have been updated so you can display Tax calculations on your Invoices.


      Fixes and Usability Improvements:

      Admin Section

      Usability Improvements:


      Usability Improvements:
      • A new category has been created for Flat Fees.  Rather than flat fees being represented as ‘Type: Time’  in Recent Billable Activity, Flat Fees will be designated as ‘Type: Flat Fee’.


      Usability Improvements:
      • “+ Add New” > “Event”  now defaults to the date selected on the Firm Calendar.


      • “(  )” characters can now be included in a phone number when creating a new Contact.


      Usability Improvements:
      • New!  Firm Billing now displays a breakdown of Taxes
      • New!  “Invoices” option in the “+ Add New” menu.  Clicking “+ Add New”> “Invoices” brings you directly to your Batch Billing page.
      • New!  “Matter Quick Add” widget has been added to My Dashboard.


      Usability Improvements:
      • New!  Invoice Template Mergefields for Taxes





      • The following Invoice  Template Mergefields now automatically reflect Taxes:



      • Invoice_Template_Cheat_Sheet.docx has been updated to include tax-related Mergefields and tables.



      • LEDES Invoices no longer include a Timekeeper notation on an Expense entry.
       Usability Improvements:
      • New!  LEDES invoices now incorporate tax calculations in LEDES1998B format.


      • Archived phone messages now appear in Contact records


      • Negative Matter Ledger balances are represented in RED.
      Usability Improvements:
      • New!  Matter Billing boxes now display a breakdown of Taxes.
      • Documents can now be added to Closed Matters.

      QuickBooks Online

      Usability Improvements:
      • If you have a Rocket Matter/QuickBooks Online Integration enabled, your QuickBooks Online account needs to have Taxes enabled in order for the Integration to work.


      Usability Improvements:
      • New!  Tax Details Report
      • New!  Tax or Surcharge Assignment Report


      • Clicking on Tags assigned to Tasks will now display the Task listings associated with those Tags.

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