Remarkable Time-Saving iPhone Tip : Text Expanders For Lawyers

by rocketmatter-admin September 4, 2012

Problem: you routinely have to type the same things over and over again on your iPhone, and your thumbs are big and it’s a total disaster.

Solution: employ software which allows you type in a shortcut or abbreviation, then automatically expands the code you just typed into full text.

This class of software, called text expanders or text macros, has been around for a while. On Macs, such functionality can be handled through the awesomely powerful TypeIt4Me. For Windows, you have AutoHotKey.

Did you know on your iPhone, out of the box, for no additional fee, you get text expander capability? It’s called “Shortcuts”, and it’s buried in your settings. You could argue that text expanders are especially critical on a platform where thumbs generate clumsy misspellings and email signatures routinely apologize for typos.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard, and scroll down to “Add New Shortcut…” Here’s a sample list of little shortcuts that might be useful, as a lawyer. Combine these with a good mobile time and billing iPhone app, such as our new Rocket Matter iPhone app, and you’re on your way to super-fast mobile time and expense capture.

pcc = Phone call with client
rcr = Receipt and review
dc = Draft document
rd = Review document
mwc = Meeting with client
emtc = Email to client
emoc = Email to opposing counsel
ttfc = Travel to and from courthouse
ttfd = Travel to and from deposition

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