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    The acquisition of Rocket Matter and LexCharge: Legal Payment Company

      rocket matter acquires lexcharge legal payment processing

      We at Rocket Matter are excited to announce our acquisition of credit card and ACH processor LexCharge!

      Combining forces with LexCharge only makes sense: Our core purpose is to make the lives of professionals a whole lot better, and by creating a technology and payment platform to help law firms earn more money, we’re doing just that. 

      Rocket Matter’s attorneys send out $1 billion in invoices to their clients every year, and LexCharge helps attorneys collect on those invoices with the most transparent and fair pricing in the among legal credit card processors.

      With the two companies together, law firms will enjoy a seamless customer experience between their processor and their legal practice management software vendor.  Setup and support will be headache-free, with one single company accountable for these operations.

      Additionally, we’re excited about all of the innovative new products we can create by combining payment processing, invoicing, and practice management under one roof.  Already, we’ve rolled out Rocket Matter Essentials, which is free for new LexCharge customers. It’s a mini-edition of Rocket Matter for small firm attorneys who just need to get the bills out and get paid.  Expect more innovation like that!

      Moreover, we at Rocket Matter are excited to alter the landscape for legal consumers yet again.  When we first launched in 2008, law firms were stuck with outdated, PC-only products with massively expensive setup costs, such as Time Matters, PC Law, and Amicus Attorney.  As the first cloud-based legal practice management software, Rocket Matter opened up options for law firms who wanted to work on a Mac, a mobile phone, and who wanted to skip the upfront expense in favor of monthly payments.

      Now, with LexCharge, we are excited to offer lawyers an alternative to the market leader, LawPay*.  Lawyers are often surprised that they are paying more than the rates they thought they signed up for when they get their LawPay* statements.  With LexCharge, those days are over with flat-rate and transparent pricing.

      So once again, we’re excited to put our fresh spin on a segment of the legal market that badly needs an upgrade.

      For more information on LexCharge, and to see how we can help you save money by switching to LawPay*, click here

      *Integration fees may apply.

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