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    Rocket Matter Announces Mandalorian Release


      I’m very proud to announce our Mandalorian release, our biggest addition to Rocket Matter in years. It took thousands of hours to deliver, involving almost every team member at Rocket Matter. A video is worth a thousand words. Maybe more:

      With Mandalorian, law firms may leverage the deepest, most robust integration with NetDocuments over any other practice management software on the market. Firms can further secure their operations with a level of specificity in ways they were never able to before with Rocket Matter’s redesigned RM Permissions.

      Firms can track and manage their operational accounting with RM Trust, a completely revamped framework for reconciling bank accounts. Practitioners of Lean Law will be able to enjoy Kanban boards and sophisticated metric calculations.

      The more we work with law firms in the 20-200 employee range, the more we realize that there are better opportunities to serve them in ways that no other legal software company offers. Older, client-server-based software is reaching end-of-life, and firms and legal departments leaving these systems need powerful new tools to not only keep up with but surpass their competition.

      NetDocuments Integration

      Rocket Matter is releasing a best-of-breed integration with the leading legal native cloud document management system, NetDocuments, taking advantage of the company’s next-generation application programming platform. When Rocket Matter and NetDocuments are connected, users will benefit from automatic creation of a NetDocuments workspace for the electronic matter file, while managing the matter details in Rocket Matter.  

      “We applaud ISV Technology Partners like Rocket Matter and their commitment to delivering best-in-class integrations to our mutual customers,” stated Reza Parsia, Vice President, Strategic Partner Management, NetDocuments. “The ability for users to stay in a familiar application like Rocket Matter and take care of all their document management needs and remain productive is very powerful.”

      Users can additionally leverage NetDocuments’ full-text search from within Rocket Matter, allowing legal professionals to remain in their practice management application while being able to locate key phrases across their legal documents. They can then click to launch documents in NetDocuments from the Rocket Matter system, and view documents and folder structures and even associate billable time to their NetDocuments work product.

      rocket matter netdocuments full text search

      We are so excited to work with NetDocuments. They are a great company filled with very caring, talented people. And for the first time, Rocket Matter’s users will be able to leverage a truly powerful document management system from within the same screens of their practice management workflow.

      RM Permissions with Role-Based Access Control

      Security is paramount when it comes to client information and firm financials. Most breaches are caused by insiders and are not sophisticated outside cyberattacks. That’s why Rocket Matter built a way for law firms to secure their data, both outside and in, with the most configurable set of security permissions among its legal practice management peers. 

      With RM Permissions, Rocket Matter admins can specify (with great flexibility) the actions users can take inside of the product, down to the feature-level. RM Permissions introduces role-based access control, allowing users to be grouped into or assigned roles, which in turn can be authorized to perform actions in the system.

      RM permissions

      RM Trust with Matter-Based Accounting

      In a massive overhaul to its operational accounting functionality, Mandalorian introduces the ability to create multiple operating and trust accounts. Users can then track trust deposits on a matter-by-matter basis. This new functionality expands upon Rocket Matter’s original trust accounting reconciliation, which functioned on the client level. RM Trust is fully compatible with QuickBooks Online.

      Support for Lean Law Firms

      I’ve worked very hard with my co-author Dave Maxfield to bring Lean methodologies to legal services, as the co-authors of the ABA bestselling The Lean Law Firm and hosts of The Lean Law Firm Podcast

      To facilitate the adoption of Lean techniques, Rocket Matter now includes Kanban boards, which are built on top of Rocket Matter’s robust Legal Project Management platform. Kanban boards give law firms a visual view into the flow of their cases, helping them to understand where bottlenecks are occurring and where all of their cases are in progress in one glance.

      Additionally, Rocket Matter supports other critical Lean metrics, such as throughput rates and cycle time calculations. These calculations are part of RM Intelligence, which allows law firms to design their own custom reports.

      RM Billing Updates

      With its ability to generate and email thousands of invoices within minutes, RM Billing is widely considered the most powerful SaaS legal billing engine on the market. Now, Rocket Matter ups the ante with improvements to RM Recurring Billing, which solves one of the biggest challenges for law firms:  Invoice collection.

      With RM Recurring Billing, law firms maintain credit card or banking information securely on file.  They are then are able to create payment plans for clients to pay off invoices over time.  They can also create new subscription-style services with recurring billing.  With new improvements to RM Recurring Billing, law firms have ultimate flexibility, able to schedule automatic payments daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

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