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    Rocket Matter Announces Series on Sexism in the Courtroom


      sexism in the courtroom

      As today is International Women’s Day, we thought it would be a perfect time to announce our new investigative series.
      In 2017, we covered in depth how the #MeToo movement affected the legal industry. Female lawyers shared their stories of sexual harassment at the firms where they worked.
      However, it turns out that sexism and sexual harassment aren’t just rampant at law firms themselves. They sadly occur far too often in the courtrooms, too. In fact, inappropriate and stereotypical comments from opposing counsel and judges seem to just be a day in the life for women trial lawyers. Around 70% of female attorneys have experienced gender bias in the courtroom, according to an American Bar Association (ABA) research report.
      So while it’s no secret that Marcia Clark was mocked for her appearance and labeled a “bitch” for doing her job during the O.J. Simpson trial in 1995, it is a bit shocking that such bias still exists today.
      That’s why we decided to delve into this issue deeper with our upcoming investigative series. We spoke with many female trial lawyers who shared their stories. We heard from lawyers, judges, and organizations trying to help make a change.
      Our hope is that our series helps continue the conversation about this serious issue that far too many female attorneys face.
      Articles in this series:
      Sexism in the Courtroom: A Serious Problem Lawyers Need to Discuss
      Sexism in the Courtroom: Female Litigators Share Their Personal Experiences
      Legal Freedom Fighter Series: Judge Ashleigh Parker Dunston
      Driving Change: How You Can Help End Sexism in the Courtroom
      Sexism in the Courtroom: There is Some Hope on the Horizon

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