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    Rocket Matter Introduces Advanced Functionality in Major New Artemis Release and New “Premier” Tier


      The Rocket Matter team is excited to announce the release of our Premier product tier, which incorporates our first major upgrade of 2021. Rocket Matter has also added significant improvements to its core “Pro” and lightweight “Essentials” tiers.

      As mid-sized and large law firms transition to the cloud, they’re seeking more sophisticated billing options than what currently exists in many cloud-based legal billing applications. With the new automation functionality included in the Premier tier, Rocket Matter helps these firms be more productive than ever while managing their high volume of matters and monthly billing with ease.

      New Functionality Included in Rocket Matter Premier Tier

      Customizable Billing Rules

      Law firms can define custom rules on a client-by-client basis to make sure that timekeepers adhere to specific billing requirements. When a lawyer enters time, Rocket Matter will ensure that the submitted time entry does not violate billing rules and will prevent the time entry from being logged with an appropriate error message. This functionality is game-changing for Insurance Defense firms, who routinely see 20 to 30% of their invoices rejected by their clients.

      Paperless Prebills

      Law firms can now move work in progress into a “Prebill” status for review and auditing prior to invoicing. Enterprise-level permissions allow administrators to restrict access to any activities that have been moved into the Prebill status, so users can lock down billing activity during the billing process. Via Rocket Matter, timekeepers can comment on activities and tag other members of the firm for collaboration, removing the need for printing prebills.

      Automated Billing Cycles

      Users can easily schedule Prebills to be generated automatically by the system on a selected frequency. Users will receive email notifications listing all auto-generated Prebills.


      Users at the Pro tier can now send documents out for signature directly from within their Rocket Matter account. Premier tier uses receive ImagineShare as part of their subscription, offering them robust e-signature and document sharing capabilities from directly within Outlook.

      Additional Improvements to Rocket Matter’s Core Product

      In addition to the new Premier features, Rocket Matter has also provided the following improvements to the flagship product’s core billing functionality:

      • Major performance enhancements to increase the speed and responsiveness of the Rocket Matter core application.
      • Discounts can now be added on the fly at the time of invoice creation and can now include family and fixed amount options (Premier tier only.)
      • Already robust batch billing engine now allows filtering by all fee and expense types.
      • Users can mark an activity up or down before invoicing.
      • Mark-ups and mark-downs are tracked and can be reported on.
      • Users can place hard costs, soft costs or fees on hold to keep them from being pulled into an invoice.

      “With the addition of the functionality included in the new Premier tier, Rocket Matter is now an ideal application for firms with highly demanding billing needs, like Insurance Defense firms,” said Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter. “In our COVID and post-COVID world, cloud-based legal billing software can’t be just for small law firms anymore. We want to make sure that mid and large-size law firms have good options as well.”

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