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    Rocket Matter at ABA Techshow Part 3: Ari Kaplan, Scrible Launch, Chat Roulette, and ALA


      In this video we hear a snippet of Ari Kaplan’s inspiring keynote speech. His message is really a “marketing with soul” kind of message. In an interview with Larry afterwards, he discusses how he wanted to get across the idea of building momentum with marketing.

      John Delevan from ALA talks about his new project, ALABuzz on Twitter, what his organization is doing at the show, and his annual event coming up in Boston.

      We check out Keurig vs Tassimo:  the ultimate throwdown for pod-based office coffee brewing.

      We see the product launch of Scrible, a new web site annotation tool that will be a great tool in the belt for lawyers conducting research online.

      Larry attends the LexisNexis happy hour Tweetup and wins a Schwag bag filled with – well – you’ll have to see. Dennis Kennedy is involved.

      Late at night, Alan Klevan plays the piano wearing a Silver Surfer t-shirt and Larry butchers “The Entertainer”.

      Ariel Jatib of Rocket Matter then introduces Larry and Kim Beyrent to Chat Roulette, scarring them for life and videotaping their reactions.

      Finally, we tear down our beloved booth, Matt Homman of LexThink wins an honorary Rocket Matter Snuggie, and it’s back to Florida and New York for the Rocket Matter gang.

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