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    Increase Your Firm’s Profitability with the Rocket Matter Billing Grader Quiz!


      Do you capture all the time you put in? Do you collect for all the time you bill? How timely are your collections? If you’re not in control of your billing practices, your firm could potentially be leaving a ton of money on the table.

      Believe it or not, billing is one of the least prioritized tasks in many small firms and solo practices. Establishing good practices takes time, but it’s important to know where your firm is lacking and how it can improve.

      Rocket Matter, the pioneering cloud-based legal practice management software, has created the Billing Grader Quiz to help you and your firm understand how your billing practices are affecting your bottom line.

      By answering 12 easy questions, you’ll get a free customized, in-depth report detailing how you can take control of your firm’s financial health. You’ll also learn industry best practices concerning billing and collections that can dramatically increase your firm’s revenue.

      CLICK HERE to take the Billing Grader Quiz and see how your firm can start building revenue today!

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