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    Rocket Matter Celebrates 3 Years of Online Legal Practice Management


      Well grease my knees and fleece my bees, Rocket Matter today celebrates three years of providing online legal practice management and time and billing!

      On February 21st, 2008, we announced ourselves to the world via the illustrious and immortal blogs of Ben Stevens, Grant Griffiths, and Erik Schmidt. A week later we were mentioned in an ABA Journal cover story, Mac vs. PCs.

      Wrote Ben Stevens, The Mac Lawyer:

      Yesterday, an exciting new product was formally announced, and it could change the way you practice law. Rocket Matter has now been launched and is available for you to come aboard.

      We were shocked at the time to be the first web-based legal practice management system out there, and we were soon joined by others. It took nearly three years, but now even the big boys of legal software have made an entry into the space.

      Since we started we’ve never waved in our mission to bring true innovation, quality software, and amazing support to small and mid-size law firms.

      So here we are, three years later, having started with nothing, with attorneys numbering in the thousands using Rocket Matter every day. We’ve enriched the discourse on legal cloud computing and software as a service through our articles, speaking engagements, and participation with bar association ethics opinions. We’re proud to be founding members of the Legal Cloud Computing Association.

      Our educational webinar series has been attended by thousands of small firm attorneys and evolved into our recently launched online portal, RocketCLE. [UPDATE: We’ve migrated RocketCLE to Rocket Academy Law Practice Management Videos and made the videos available for free!] Rocket Our content blog, Legal Productivity, allows us to share our ideas on how to squeeze every last ounce of efficiency out of a small office.

      We’re having a lot of fun talking to firms, and we’re excited about the road ahead. This week, birthday week, we’ll be taking a look back at where we’ve been and where we’re going. So look forward to some “best of” articles, some posts waxing philosophical about how technology is transforming the business of law, and perhaps a cool new movie.

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