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    Rocket Matter Clients Share Their Best Productivity Tips: Part One


      rocket matter users share productivity tips

      We asked our clients how they are using Rocket Matter to boost their firms’ productivity. Here, they share the tips and tricks that help them get the most out of our legal practice management software:
      “Our firm has made great use of Rocket Matter’s file upload feature. Our attorneys travel all over the world for military cases and this feature allows us to travel without having to carry paper files.” —R. Davis Younts, who practices military law and criminal defense in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
      “We switched to Rocket Matter to streamline our software. We were using Time Matters for case management and PC Law for billing, but Rocket Matter does both and performs higher than either original program.” —Doug Naville, an administrative assistant at Evans, Scholz, Williams & Warncke, a firm in Atlanta that provides legal services for matters involving litigation, transactions, personal injury, and workers compensation
      “The biggest thing Rocket Matter helps us with is running bills. Running bills used to be the biggest pain, but now we can run bills in ten minutes or less and run them the last day of each month religiously. Regular billing has increased our collections significantly.” —Patrick Slaughter, co-founder of LaFevor & Slaughter, a family law and immigration firm in Knoxville, Tennessee
      “We have been using Rocket Matter since 2012 to track our open matters, bill clients, accept payments online, and organize our calendars. Whenever a client calls, anyone in our firm can look up the matter status and answer questions right away. The newer Matter Templates and Project Management features also help keep us on schedule for each matter. We are a single attorney firm, and RocketMatter helps us manage more than 380 open cases.” —Karen Brady, an attorney who practices estate planning and business planning at her firm in Arvada, Colorado
      “North Coast Legal, PLC is a better firm and we are better lawyers and people because we are in the Rocket Matter family. Rocket Matter allows us to be versatile, mobile, and efficient, but most importantly Rocket Matter for us is all about time. The efficiency in capturing time and saving time allows us to provide greater value to our clients and send more profit to the bottom line. It also allows for a proper work/life balance that we never experienced prior to becoming Rocket Matter clients 5 years ago.” —H. Douglas Shepherd IV and Michael Naughton, founders of North Coast Legal, a boutique law firm in Michigan that focuses on areas such as estate planning, employment law, and business and corporate services
      “Rocket Matter has proven to be the perfect system for us. The reports are instant, the filing system is precise, and the customer service is superior. Rocket Matter perfects what they do, so we have time to do what we do best.” —Dianna Baker, a paralegal with Esposito Law Group, whose practice areas include litigation, estate planning, and business law in Bradenton, Florida
      “We do use Rocket Matter to boost our productivity. The fact that Rocket Matter is cloud based and simple to use, we are able to access it anywhere in the world and still conduct business. We have a large number of international clients and we travel a lot. We could not do that without Rocket Matter.” —Kimberly Surratt, an attorney whose practice areas include surrogacy, divorce, custody, child support, assisted reproductive technology, and estate planning in Reno, Nevada
      “We use Rocket Matter for all of our firm’s calendaring and case management. It really helps our office be productive by keeping everything related to client information in one place. On the billing side of things, the ease of use has saved a lot of time.” —Jennifer Mahowald, a legal assistant at Keedy & Vashti, a family law firm in Tavares, Florida
      “As a small firm, we have no room for anything that slows down productivity. Rocket Matter has been with us since the beginning and provides us an effective way to track our time, bill our clients, collect fees online, and keep up with all our matters. We especially appreciate the integration with emails, calendaring and secure document storage as a backup system.” —Maytel Sorondo Bonham, whose firm focuses on family law, estate planning, probate, and personal injury in Orlando, Florida
      “We recently started using the document loader located in the matter stream. This enables the attorney to click right on the document to view from any location, quickly and easily rather than having to locate it in our electronic document system. Pleadings, letters, and any documents received from the client are all right on the matter page! Really nice feature!” —Brenda W. Dedmon who works at Murphy Law Group, P.C., which focuses on landlord-tenant law in Portland, Oregon

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