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    Rocket Matter Co-Founder Engages College of Engineering & Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University


      Rocket Matter CEO Engages FAU StudentsOne of the things we believe in very strongly here at Rocket Matter is reaching out to our local community. One of our co-founders, Larry Port, has extensive international speaking experience in the areas of cloud computing, legal productivity and technology. His most recent appearance, though, was a very special one.

      Larry wasn’t speaking to an audience of attorneys and legal technology professionals. He was speaking to a group of young students at the Pre-College program, during Engineers Week 2011 at FAU. His message this time was more of a personal story. The speech was an enthusiastic and passionate message about his personal career journey and the power of education.

      Some really great questions surfaced from the crowd regarding Larry’s passion for his industry, leadership experiences and the direction of technology in the future. These types of speaking engagements tend to be mutually rewarding, as the students are thirsty for real world advice on business, technology and life. Judging from the number of hands that were raised, almost everyone wanted to know more.

      We would like to thank Florida Atlantic University for the opportunity and look forward to participating in more events like this in the future. As a cloud-based software provider, we are, in a sense, a window into the future of technology.

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