Rocket Matter Design Week: Nuggets of Wisdom from SXSWi

by rocketmatter-admin March 19, 2010

As part of Rocket Matter’s attendance of SXSW, this week we’ll focus on the little-understood and under-appreciated role of design in software.

South by Southwest Interactive wrapped up on Tuesday, drawing the leading high-technology design conference to a close. Founding Partner and User Experience Designer Ariel Jatib was in the thick of it, meeting other top-tier designers, examining trends in software interaction, and verifying that Rocket Matter is as cutting-edge as anyone in the business when it comes to our software creation process.

He was also tweeting from the trenches under both @rocketmatter and @arieldesign. Here’s some of the highlights:

Panel Suggests: Best way to find lawyer is through referral, pref from another colleague in the same industry #GameDevNeedLawyers #SXSW

Problems managing client expectations and hourly billing seen as an issue. #GameDevNeedLawyers #SXSW

RT @nancymyrland: #LMA10 The Tyranny of Choice: We can only pay attention to 160 choices in the grocery store. Everything else is “noise.”

“(the Internet) is about the democratization of information” – @ev #keynote #SxSW

“It’s about reducing the walls between the people who have a lot of influence & the people they influence” – @ev #keynote #SxSW

It’s your fault. Own your mistakes. Do not become a victim. Build up your “trust bank” with the client. #SXSW

Make hard decisions. Take action. Don’t shy away from difficult conversations. #SXSW

Having information not just be searchable, but discoverable delivers value. #newpublish #SXSW

RT @buttershug What you knew and designed 2 years ago may no longer be relevant. Test your users and don’t assume. #sxsw #interfaceisyourlab

More panels, tabs, filters & hovers are not the right solution for information design challenges related to key metrics. #whybabyisugly

How is the 15 minute UX standup at Google different from a traditional SCRUM standup? #longdistanceux #SXSW

Tim Berners-Lee’s dream of a Semantic Web, a Data Web, could make a world of richer infographics a reality. #interinfo

Data visualization is more like fashion design in that it’s always forward thinking / driving. – Rodenbeck #interinfo

Fair amount of SxSW 2010 talks now available on YouTube –

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