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    Rocket Matter Releases “Spock”: E-mail Integration


      It’s here! Rocket Matter is thrilled to announce the release of “Spock,” our new e-mail integration feature for our law practice management software.

      We listened to your feedback and requests and took our time crafting a super-efficient way of working with e-mails. The result is an easy and effective way of organizing and storing important e-mails in our cloud based software.

      The Basics

      Here’s how Rocket Matter e-mail integration works: you associate an e-mail folder with a matter. So when you navigate to that matter in our case management software, you’ll see a list of every relevant e-mail. Instantly. And, you’ll be able to search through them and download attachments.

      How Did We Do It?

      The long and short of it is that we built our e-mail Integration with the universally common IMAP protocol. You most likely read your e-mail now over IMAP. Rather than having to forward the e-mails you want into Rocket Matter one by one, your e-mail folders that are associated to each matter will automatically populate in Rocket Matter. That’s a big deal!

      Furthermore, multiple users can associate e-mail folders with a matter. This feature gives you the ability to stay updated on all matter activity across your firm with ease. And any attachments, such as .docs, .jpegs, .zips, and other images are accessible and downloadable – from anywhere at anytime.

      Rocket Matter E-mail Search

      We know how your client e-mails seem to accumulate faster than you can read them. Making things easy is our specialty, so we made it effortless to find the e-mail you’re looking for.. The same searching convenience you’re used to in your e-mail client is in Rocket Matter as well. By entering a single word, the search engine will populate every e-mail that contains that word in the “from,” “subject,” or “body” fields.

      Bill as you E-mail

      Lawyers spend a lot of time on e-mail. That may be the understatement of the year. But billing for this time-consuming task can often go forgotten. So we kept that in mind when we created Rocket Matter e-mail integration to allow you to easily bill as you work.

      When an e-mail is synced to a specific matter, you’re just a couple of clicks away from saving critical billing information. You’ll collect more time than ever before – effortlessly.

      Super Security, 24/7

      Rocket Matter e-mail integration features the same rock-solid security we feature in the rest of our application. E-mail passwords are encrypted. And to prevent unauthorized access to your information, only specific folders that you’ve designated can be accessed via Rocket Matter.

      At Rocket Matter, we’re excited to bring to fruition integral time management and productivity updates like this. We always welcome customer feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on e-mail Integration and Rocket Matter.

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