Rocket Matter Feature in LegalTech’s Practice Management Buyer’s Guide

by Kaleb Buckner July 13, 2022

Rocket Matter Featured in LegalTech's Practice Management Buyer's Guide

Legal Tech highlights how Rocket Matter’s comprehensive legal practice management software streamlines your law firm’s workflows

Shopping for the right legal practice management software can be a challenge. There are many options out there, but when it comes down to it, you want legal tech that integrates with the programs you already use and can cover every aspect of your practice.

Your tech should simplify your day-to-day legal workflows, not complicate it more.

Rocket Matter’s legal practice management software is specifically designed to help attorneys maximize their workday, saving time and money.

In partnership with Above the Law, Legal Tech Publishing recently released their 2022 Practice Management Buyer’s Guide for Rocket Matter’s legal practice management software. This guide covers Rocket Matter’s central features and how they can keep your law firm operations streamlined, productive, and profitable.

1. Simplified time tracking and automated billing

Law firm billing can eat into your team’s day and take time away from actually practicing law. With Rocket Matter, you can expedite your time and billing with simplified time tracking and automated billing tools.

Time tracking

Run multiple timers at once and assign them to different tasks. When you switch between different projects throughout the day, you can start one timer and the other will automatically pause, allowing you to move freely between your tasks without losing valuable minutes. Rocket Matter allows you to run timers or make time entries from within Outlook and Office 365, so you can track your time while working on documents or sending emails.

You can also input custom task codes and LEDES codes when you add billable time. And you’ll be warned when time slips don’t include the right codes for LEDES billing, avoiding issues with invoice rejection.


With Rocket Matter, you can automate billing to save precious time in your workday. Draft prebills for review and set them to run regularly. Reviewers are automatically notified when prebills are ready to be checked and can make changes. You can also run billing reports and generate invoices with a click.

In addition, saving time with batch billing becomes a snap. All you have to do is choose the parameters based on the case type like hourly pricing, flat fees, or contingency billing and you can generate multiple invoices at once. You have the option to save a client’s card information for automated recurring payments.

Some of Rocket Matter’s other billing features include:

  • Holding fees and costs from invoices
  • Placing holds on invoices with one click
  • Running reports to find all bills on hold
  • Applying fixed percentage discounts, convenience, and interest rules to invoices
  • Debiting trust accounts to pay current charges


2. An easy-to-use business intelligence tool

Understanding your firm’s KPIs sets you up for informed decision-making and continual improvement. You need a business intelligence tool that outlines crucial data about your firm’s performance.

Rocket Matter’s easy-to-use business intelligence tools help you create custom, high-level reports that cover:

  • Matters
  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Activities
  • Invoices
  • Tags
  • Custom fields you can create


With Rocket Matter’s graphical user interface, you can build reports with a panel of five data sets. Once you run the report, you can view a summary and detailed report, or export your reports to Microsoft Excel to examine the data further.

3. A simple user interface

When you choose Rocket Matter, you don’t have to download separate legal software. The Rocket Matter user interface works in any current web browser. It’s easy-to-read interface makes it simple to start working immediately.

The “matter stream” details a list of all the actions done on that selected matter. The different users in your Rocket Matter account can subscribe to the matters assigned to them, so they can quickly browse the matter feed for updates and see what work is left to be done.

You can also manage employee interfaces on a granular level. Set permissions for created roles, like a junior partner, that is specific to what that employee should see. Role-based permissions keep your client’s data more secure since only selected people can view confidential matter information or documents.

4. Robust legal project management

Rocket Matter provides robust legal project management functionalities to keep communication clear as you collaborate on matters.

When you set up a matter, Rocket Matter creates a template that you can reuse or change. Use as many templates as you like, then apply them to different cases later so you can generate tasks and staff assignments in a few clicks.

Set up each case with phases to parse out what you need for each step. Each phase can contain its own:

  • Calendar calculations
  • Custom data
  • Tasks


This allows you to automate your systems so you don’t have to parse out each phase every time. Plus, you can break down your matters into phases with tasks you can repeat. With these features, you can examine your budget and figure out how much each matter is costing you. Then use Rocket Matter’s reporting to figure out how many matters fill out a phase and which ones are on time or overdue.

All of this information is easy to see with Kanban boards. You can drag and drop matters to make changes on their status and download reports on workflow to catch any issues before they become problems.

5. Effortless integrations

When you look for a law firm practice management software to implement at your firm, you don’t want to completely start from scratch with all of your workflows. That’s why Rocket Matter offers effortless integrations with the software that law firms already love and use.

One of Rocket Matter’s most popular integrations is its free Office 365 plugin. Track billable time and edit documents in Word or Excel, then save this information to Rocket Matter to use to build out invoices or other documents in your legal practice management software.

Rocket Matter also syncs with Outlook so you can track time spent on email and tag emails and attachments directly to matters.

While Microsoft Office and Outlook are popular integrations, there are also many more robust integrations available to you. Rocket Matter supports the following integrations:

  • Quickbooks: users can connect detailed information between Quickbooks and Rocket Matter, including invoices, expenses, and trust account debits
  • LawToolBox: import your case deadlines directly into your Rocket Matter calendar
  • Dropbox: use the service to sync, share, and secure files across your devices
  • Google Calendar: you can sync your Google calendar to Rocket Matter to never miss an important meeting or date
  • Evernote: syncs notes, websites, photos, and voice memos with Rocket Matter
  • Tracers: helps you find necessary information from public and private records
  • Box: implement time tracking alongside Box’s secure file sharing, content management, and mobile access
  • Ruby: manage your phone and send messages to Rocket Matter with this virtual receptionist
  • ai: an answering service with U.S.-based receptionists
  • ScanSnap: a scanner that digitizes your documents directly into Rocket Matter
  • Uptime JurisPage: a website updater that uses Rocket Matter to streamline your intake
  • Skype: can start virtual meetings from within Rocket Matter


Want to learn more? Download the full buyer’s guide and get the in-depth scoop!

Be sure to download a copy of the buyer’s guide for an in-depth look at Rocket Matter’s top software features.

Rocket Matter’s best-of-breed legal management software covers everything you need to handle projects at your practice, including:

  • Contact management
  • Case management
  • Document management and automation
  • Online payments
  • Advanced reporting
  • Mobile apps


And if you’re ready to streamline your law firm’s workflows, schedule a free demo with Rocket Matter today.

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