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    Rocket Matter Helps Provide Disaster Recovery for Law Firms


      Does your law firm have a disaster recovery plan in case your office becomes unusable?

      With Rocket Matter, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your legal practice management and time and billing information in case of an unfortunate event. Since all you need is access to the internet, you can relocate to any connected location and you’re up and running again.

      Now that June has arrived it’s hurricane season again. And weather in 2008 has already been disastrous. Cedar Rapids, Iowa and other midwestern locations have suffered terrible flooding and violent storms. Fortunately, the ABA Legal Technology and Resource Center offers guidance. They recently posted a recent article on their blog: It Could Happen to You: Disaster Preparedness.

      The ABA Journal brings news of two law firms that have been temporarily forced to relocate their offices as a result of the devastating floods throughout Iowa. According to the Journal, the Cedar Rapids office of Simmons Perrine has set up temporary offices for as many as 75 staff and attorneys in a middle school in a neighboring town, while Shuttleworth & Ingersoll has relocated to the Cornell College campus. The official blog of Simmons Perrine notes that the firm has been able to remain “open for business” in part due to “advanced technology” including BlackBerries, cell phones, and the internet.

      These stories should serve as notice to attorneys around the country: disasters of all sorts – natural and man-made – have the potential to force you from your office or otherwise interrupt your practice. Developing a thorough disaster preparedness plan in advance of such an event may allow you to remain “open for business” despite the difficult circumstances.

      For a wide variety of disaster-related resources, visit the ABA’s Hurricane Katrina Disaster Resources page, assembled in the wake of the devastating 2005 hurricane. Of particular interest may be the Technology Resources section developed by the Legal Technology Resource Center.

      With Rocket Matter, a legal web-based practice management and time and billing tool, you get an extra layer of protection just by signing up.

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