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    Rocket Matter Included In the 2022 Practice Management Buyer’s Guide


      Rocket Matter Included Among the 2022 Practice Management Buyer’s Guide

      Rocket Matter Included Among the 2022 Practice Management Buyer’s Guide

      Legal Tech Publishing recently released the 2022 Edition of the Practice Management Buyer’s Guide and Rocket Matter is included as a top legal tech company for legal professionals. “Rocket Matter delivers automated billing, business intelligence, granular security controls, and more to keep law firms secure and prosperous,” the company states. This post will take a look at some of the specific Rocket Matter offerings highlighted by Legal Tech Publishing in their 2022 buyer’s guide.

      Comprehensive Practice Management

      Rocket Matter’s cloud-based software includes three product offerings:

      • The Essentials version includes matter management, time tracking and billing, online payments, trust accounting, conflict checks, document storage, contacts, and calendaring.
      • The Pro version includes all the Essential features with additional customizations, matter templates, document assembly, client portals, integrations, and advanced billing options.
      • The Premier version heightens the Essential and Pro offerings with features like role permissions, insurance defense, intake, paperless prebills, automated billing, and the Business Intelligence module.

      These three options provide law firms with the tools to comprehensively and profitably manage their practices.

      Simplified Batch Billing

      Rocket Matter makes it easy for law firms to generate invoices in batches and save valuable time. By simply selecting parameters like case types, billing options, or invoice status, firms can create numerous bills within a matter of minutes. Batch billing summary reports group invoices by matter to show balances, recent charges, overdue amounts, and trust balances. With this unique Rocket Matter billing feature, law firms can generate bills in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

      Streamlined Tracking and Billing

      Time tracking and billing tasks can take up a lot of law firm time and resources. With an understanding of this dilemma, Rocket Matter includes a variety of features to help firms streamline time tracking and automate billing, including:

      • Time tracking and time entry options in the web of Office 365 apps
      • The ability to use LEDES billing and custom task codes
      • Sending invoices via email or client portals
      • Secure electronic payment options through Rocket Matter Pay
      • Client and matter-based trust accounting options

      Rocket Matter even offers more intricate billing features like the application of convenience fees, discounts, and trust account interest rules.

      Exceptional Business Intelligence

      As stated in the Buyer’s Guide, Rocket Matter’s Business Intelligence Tool “makes it easy to build reports using a panel of five data sets and their available fields.” Those data sets are activities, contacts and clients, invoices, matter rates, and matters. By selecting the needed data set and manipulating the included fields, law firms can create customized reports that meet their specific needs. Users can view an online summary or detailed report, or they can choose to export reports in Microsoft Excel.

      Legal Project Management

      Rocket Matter takes the guesswork out of legal project management by automatically creating templates when users set up and save a matter. Changes and edits can be made as needed with modifications applied to all existing cases using the same template. This feature allows law firms to easily generate staff assignments, create trust accounts, set billing preferences, and manage workflow processes.

      Big Value at a Reasonable Cost

      With its subscription model, Rocket Matter offers law firms a variety of valuable features at a cost-effective price point. Annually, Essentials, Pro, and Premier cost $39, $59, and $89 per user per month respectively. Legal Tech Publishing finds these costs affordable and provides the following reasons why law firms should purchase Rocket Matter:

      • Review and edit draft invoices as prebills to generate and deliver accurate billing statements to clients in their preferred format.
      • Use the firm’s business intelligence to customize reports to monitor and forecast revenue.
      • Develop matter budgets and apply matter-based trusts.
      • Use integrated e-signature and Rocket Matter Payment processes.

      Rocket Matter is Honored to be Included as a Top Legal Tech Provider

      Legal Tech Publishing is a premiere provider of eBooks for legal professionals. In its yearly buyer’s guides, the company spotlights innovative legal technology products for legal professionals with a collection of product reviews and supporting articles to aid in the legal technology selection process. As explained on the company’s website, “Legal Tech Publishing simplifies the evaluation process so that law firms can effectively navigate the variety of options available to them and find the right fit.”

      Rocket Matter is honored to be included in the 2022 Legal Tech Buyer’s Guide as one of the top legal tech options on the market. Read Rocket Matter’s full review here and schedule your free no-obligation demo of Rocket Matter at

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