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    Rocket Matter Introduces New Bill-As-You-Drive® Integration with Tesla Model 3


      Rocket Matter, the pioneering cloud-based law practice management software, announced in a press release earlier today, their newest feature: Bill-As-You-Drive®. This revolutionary technology will be spearheaded by the similarly impressive Tesla Model 3, which was announced just yesterday.

      This is a huge moment for both Rocket Matter and Tesla. While both technologies were decades in the making, the simultaneous release sets a dramatic precedent for the realms of law and technology. Never before has the general legal population had such a powerful way to increase revenues and get their bills out on time.

      While Elon Musk was unavailable for an interview, Rocket Matter CEO Larry Port couldn’t stop gushing about his company’s latest achievement. “This is going to change the game for legal billing for years to come. We raised the bar back in 2008 with our remarkable cloud software, and we’re doing it again with Bill-As-You-Drive. We decided to partner with Tesla because we deeply admire the company’s innovation and appreciation of technology. Plus, lawyers love these cars.”

      The ability to bill while on the go has always been a priority for Rocket Matter, which is made apparent by their beautiful and powerful iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. Taking this to a higher level was the next logical step for the company.

      Imagine taking a call from a client and billing for it all without lifting a finger. Legal professionals can now conduct their business in their vehicle without compromising their safety. This is huge.

      Attorney Craig Bierko was one of the first to test-drive the Tesla Model 3 at the company’s design studio in Hawthorne, California. “I’ve already pre-ordered my car, and I’m already a loyal Rocket Matter customer. I’m excited to track my first expense, and I’m pretty damned sure it won’t be for gas!”.

      While the initial launch of Rocket Matter’s Bill-As-You-Drive technology will be released with the Tesla Model 3, Rocket Matter is currently in talks to integrate with several other car manufacturers.

      For more information on this exciting announcement, head over to the Rocket Matter company blog.

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